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Query a Google Sheet

Our platform lets you read a write to a google sheet directly.
Please note it works with only with Google Sheets, and not xlsx files hosted on google


const sheets = require("@googlesheets");

Reading a sheet

To allow reading from a google sheet, please write to [email protected], to get email ID of the chatbot to which you will need to grant permissions
let rows = await sheets.readSheet(workBookId, sheetId) => {
let first_name = row["First Name"]
The ID of the google sheet, from its URL
Index of your sheet starting from 0. To read first sheet in your google sheet, pass 0

Append a row in google sheet

let sheet = await sheets.getSheet(workbookID, sheetID);
const larryRow = await sheet.addRow({ name: 'Larry Page', email: '[email protected]' });