Android App Integration

Step 1: Create App Interface And WebView Element

Open res -> layout -> activity_main.xml, create the application interface and add WebView element to it.

Go to src -> package -> You will need to declare a WebView variable, enable JavaScript and load the link of your website. You can check the below code screenshot. Do not forget to add link of your website in mywebView.loadUrl().

Step 3: Set WebView Client

Next step is to add one line of code in your class given below. If you do not add this code in your app then clickable links will open in a standard web browser such as Google Chrome. To ensure that the user stays within the app and links open inside your app, you will need to add the below code.

mywebView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());

Step 4: Remove Additional Padding

If you want to remove the additional spacing, open activity_main.xml and remove the padding from layouts.

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